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                  Press Center

                  Beijing Council 2018 Spring Auction reached a total a ... 2018-07-03
                  Kuangshi Hong Kong 2017 Spring Auction totaled HK $ 1 ... 2017-04-12
                  Council 2017 Early Spring Auction reached a total am ... 2017-04-11
                  Beijing Council 2016 Fine Arts Auction will commence ... 2016-03-16
                  Solicitation for 10th Anniversary of Beijing Council ... 2016-02-16
                  Beijing Council was awarded “The Academic Auction Co ... 2016-01-19

                  Auction Results

                  Beijing Council 2014 Spring Auction
                  31st May --2nd June
                  3rd--5th June
                  Beijing International Hotel Conference Center


                  CONFLUENCE——Chinese Important Private Collection of Contemporary Art
                  Chinese contemporary art collector-- Mr. Zhang Rui's top eight museum- level collections are the important symbol of an era.It is council'first attempt to hold Chinese important private collection of contemporary art event. We hope to get more private collectors’attention at home and abroad.
                  Council Newsletter
                  No. 1

                  Online Communites