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      Beijing Council 2015 Autumn Auction totaled 1 billion yuan

      Beijing Council 2015 Autumn Auction totaled 1 billion yuan. The three highlights, including “Cheng Dao - Classic Chinese Painting Highlight”, “Cheng Dao - Modern Chinese Painting Highlight”, “Chang Huai - Chinese Calligraphy Highlight” achieved 538 million yuan through a six-hour vigorous auction. The View of River by Fu Baoshi won the champion of this autumn auction with the hammer price of 34.5 million yuan and Calligraphy in Running Script of Lu Xun, which drew much attention from the academic circle and market, was auctioned at 3.048 million yuan.

      Mr. Dong Guoqiang, the chairman of Beijing Council stated that, “2015 Autumn Auction achieves a complete success and the three highlights get satisfactory results with the turnover rate of 89%. Also the turnover rate delivers good performance of 100% in Zhang Guangyu session and Jiyu and Calligraphy session. Although the calligraphy work by Lu Xun did not live up to expectations, yet the collectors, whether on the spot or not, participated and responded enthusiastically. As the threshold of entering art market, in particular classic Chinese calligraphy and painting, is relatively higher, the market needs constant guidance from society and the academic circle. In the future, the values of artworks will return to culture.

      The three sessions covering classic Chinese calligraphy and painting achieved 538 million yuan.

      The 66 items fetched 293 million yuan with the turnover rate of 92.4% at “Cheng Dao - Modern Chinese Painting Highlight”, among which 6 items were sold for over 10 million yuan and 17 items were auctioned at over 5 million yuan. The View of River by Fu Baoshi won the champion of this session with the hammer price of 34.5 million yuan, another work being sold for 151.8 million yuan. The Horse by Xu Beihong fetched 17.825 million yuan, ranking second in the session. Reading in Mountain by Zhang Daqian fetched 13.8 million yuan and Landscape by Lu Yanshao totaled 12.65 million yuan; Old Man and His Donkey by Huang Zhou was auctioned at 10.925 million yuan.

      The 25 auction items realized 140 million yuan with the turnover rate of 92% at “ Cheng Dao - Classic Chinese Painting Highlight”. The Mountain and Pavilion by He Yi won the champion of this session with the hammer price of 25.53 million yuan. Gold Autumn by Zhong Shouping fetched 16.1 million yuan and Pavilion by anonymous realized 9.66 million yuan.

      The 68 auction items achieved 105 million yuan at “ Changhuai - Chinese Calligraphy Highlight”. Reading and Traveling by Huang Binhong was auctioned at 8.05 million yuan and Calligraphy in Li Script by Jin Nong, collected by Wu Hufan, was sold for 6.325 million yuan; Calligraphy in Running Script by Wen Zhenming fetched 6.095 million yuan. Calligraphy in Running Script written by Lu Xun, drew much attention before auction and it was collected by Yasuzo Simizu, the Japanese educator and close friend of Zhou brothers with detailed sources. The work started at 750,000 yuan and finally achieved 3.048 million yuan after more than ten rounds of bidding. “A butcher becomes a Buddha the moment he drops his cleaver; a Buddha becomes a butcher the moment he drops his scriptures.” The chants reflect the in-depth thoughts sharp rhetorics and are full of critical and sarcastic meanings.

      It was the first time for Council to launch Jiyu-Modern Chinese Painting and Calligraphy without reserve price. All 151 auction items were sold out with the total amount of 23.393 million yuan. Calligraphy in Running Script by Cai Yuanpei realized 1.265 million yuan. The aggregate amount reached 60.484 million yuan at modern and contemporary calligraphy and painting session, among which The Plum in Spring by Lu Yanshao fetched 2.128 million yuan. The turnover was 29.642 million yuan at the Calligraphy within a Century-20th Century Chinese Calligraphy and Calligraphy in Regular Script by Hong Yi realized 1.61 million yuan.

      The classic Chinese calligraphy and painting sessions realized 84.786 million yuan. The classic Chinese calligraphy achieved 42.49 million yuan, in which Calligraphy in Running Script by Wen Zhenming fetched 2.243 million yuan. The classic Chinese painting achieved 42.296 million yuan, in which the painting by Hua Yan fetched 4.025 million yuan.

      Highlights in Modern and Contemporary Art
      The 16 items were sold out with 100% turnover rate at “ the Return of Guangyu: Master of Chinese Modernism Zhang Guangyu”. Thanks to the support from Mr. Zhang’s family, this session presented the various forms of creation by Mr. Zhang, also revealed the artistic achievements and glories which were masked before. People took part in the live auction enthusiastically, including collectors from oil field and others. For example,The Loquat, as a gift to Zhang Guangyu from Qi baishi, achieved 2.3 million yuan. The manual script of Maliang with the Magic Brush made in 1955, fetched 1.127 million yuan.

      There was also excellent performance at Chinese 20th Century Modern Art. Some significant and precious artworks were bought by most professional collectors. Ni Yide’s Construction Site started at 380,000 yuan and realized 1.955 million yuan after several rounds of fights. Marching in Night by Fu Luofei fetched 667,000 yuan and The Morning by Liu Rongfu fetched 633,000 yuan.

      At the Contemporary Art Session, Untitled No.4 by Xie Nanxing realized 4.658 million yuan, setting a new record of his works; Cui Jian B by Shu Qun fetched 2.185 million yuan and The Butterfly by Xu Lei realized 690,000 yuan.

      Porcelains and Miscellaneous items reaped 87.309 million yuan
      Porcelains and Miscellaneous items reaped 87.309 million yuan. The turnover reached 18.3075 million yuan at “Fine Chinese Works of Art”, in which A Bronze Censer with Dragon Handles Censer and Character of “WAN SHOU WU JIANG” made in Qing dynasty was sold for 4.83 million yuan.

      “Manasikara ,the Buddhist Arts” gained much population with the total money of 35.135 million yuan, in which a Sakyamuni statue bade 4.025 million yuan. The exquisite porcelains from Guan Ware gained market recognition at “Important Chinese Ceramics” with the turnover of 33.868 million yuan. A Blue and White “Flowers and Fruits” Hexagon Vase made in Qing dynasty was auctioned at 7.13 million yuan.

      Contemporary Crafts of Gu Jingzhou led the auction
      The three sessions at Contemporary Crafts reaped 77.073 million yuan. The turnover reached 41.182 million yuan at Classic Zisha Teapot and Oriental Tea Settings, in which The Pot co-created by Gu Jingzhou and Wu Hufan fetched 27.025 million yuan. And the turnover was 20.28 million yuan at “Modern and Contemporary Chinese Porcelains”. A Group of Ceramic Templates by Wang Xiliang, Zhang Maosong, Wang Longfu and You Yi bade 3.795 million yuan. The items reaped 15.61 million yuan at “the Universe of Square - stone and Seal Carvings”. The seal of Qi Baishi and Wu Changshuo also fetch good prices, among which a seal made by Qi Baishi dedicated to Zhang Fuling, the general of anti-Japanese aggression, fetched 1.898 million yuan.

      The important jewelry reaped 47.24 million yuan
      It was the first time for Council to had auctioned high-end consumer goods, including jewelry, handbags and Whisky. The turnover reached 34.107 million yuan at Important Jewelry and Watches Session, where the sapphire, diamond necklace and earrings fetched 9.2 million yuan, winning the champion of this session. The turnover amounted to 13.134 million yuan at Handbags and Whisky Session, where a Himalaya crocodile Birkin with the length of 25 centimeters was sold for 667,000 million yuan. The 1-10 version fetched 460,000 yuan at Vintage Wine session.

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