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          Feature auction
          Art experience season
          Special topic exhibition
          Cooperative organization
          Media channel

          Contact us

          23F, Tower 1A, Wang jing SOHO, No.1 Futong East Avenue, ?
          Chaoyang District, Beijing, China. 100102
          Tel.: +86 (10) 84400975/76/77
          Fax: +86 (10) 84400978
          E-mail: council@council.com.cn

          Your concern

          KuangShi focus on global art trends, we will update website timely and share with you.

          Category you are interested in

          • Chinese painting and calligraphy
          • China & Ceramic
          • Integrated arts and crafts
          • Modern and Contemporary Art
          • Jewelry and Luxuries
          We will keep secret your personal information, it is only used for replying your questions and comments, or for updating user information. For more details, please read our Privacy Rules.
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